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Advanced Multi-factors Authentication

Advance Multi-factors Authentication


CENTAGATE® is one of SecureMetric latest innovation with the target to enable Authentication As A Platform, as an on-demand Centralized Identification and Access Management system that to fulfill enterprise wide authentication needs. CENTAGATE® designed to be highly robust, scalable, flexible, platform independent, with component based architecture using JAVA EE technology.

CENTAGATE® offers as the Next-Generation Authentication Solutions that support Multiple Form Factors, Multiple Interfaces, Multiple Channels and Multiple Steps. One for all with below highlighted features

Multi-Factor Authentication

CENTAGATE® supports by default SMS OTP, OTP Token, Mobile OTP, CR Token, Mobile CR, QR Code, PKI Token, Mobile PKI, FIDO Token and list goes on. CENTAGATE® enable centralized device lifecycle management to eliminate common challenges of managing different devices in different systems for users.



Centralized Identity Management

CENTAGATE® supports various different integration interfaces such as SAML, Restful APIs, AD, Radius and FIDO. Such wide options of integration enable enterprise to achieve One Authentication For All, where users will only use one single authentication platform to log in all enterprise applications.



Mobile Token Protection

CENTAGATE® applies patented software security token lifecycle protection mechanism using multiple military grade cryptographic algorithms for different keys (signing key, encryption key and device key). Any compromised device can be detected real time and the software security token will be destroyed immediately.



Hybrid Risk Scoring Engine

CENTAGATE’s® patented hybrid risk scoring engine designed to monitor user’s authentication risk on Rules and Case based mechanisms. Rules based will monitor based on user authentication processes and behavior; while Case based will monitor based on user’s system behavior together with environmental attributes. In any event if high risk is detected, the system will automatically trigger to the next step(s) of authentication.



Advanced Signature Validation

Another patented features in CENTAGATE® with its built-in secured digital signature validation process via provided APIs with solid-state security layer. It can seamlessly integrated to any replying CA (Public or Private CAs) and ready to support both PKI token or mobile PKI.




Next Generation Secured & Unified
Authentication Gateway With Adaptive Intelligence


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