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Implementing Government PKI


EJBCA is the most downloaded open source PKI soOware in the world with more than 250,000 downloads since it started, in addition PrimeKey has successfully implemented of national level and enterprise level PKI projects which include setting up Trust Centre, Public CA, Government CA, CA for ePassport and National ID.

Client name

PrimeKey Solutions AB


Stockholm, Sweden


Primekey is the world leading open source enterprise PKI company in the world, founder and commercial force behind successful open source projects like EJBCA and Signserver.


As PrimeKey’s core focus is only into PKI backend but in view with increasing demand from various projects on the support of different PKI business models which will very much involve into some frontend PKI modules with extensive localization needed. PrimeKey wish not to divert their domain expertise into area that not in and within their core business.

Another challenge for PrimeKey is to engage with a trustable partner solution that eventually can bundle with reliable PKI devices that can fulfill the requirements of issuing qualified digital certificates with great user experiences.

Solution 1

SecureTMS RA, a series of built-to-fit Token Management and Registration Authority soOware modules that designed and developed based on EJBCA frameworks and security protocols. This solution support both PKI devices and Digital Certificates lifecycle management in one system.

Solution 2

Secure Token ST3, an award winning and common criteria certified USB based PKI token which built using latest 32-bit fast MCU platform with integrated flash for middleware auto installation. It support up to 2048-bit RSA onboard key pair generation and secure smart card memory to keep user credential extremely safe.

Why SecureTMS RA+ SecureToken ST3 : SecureTMS RA is ready to support various PKI business models such as Centralized RA, Distributed RA with manual approval and Distributed RA with auto approval. SecureMetric can further customize the solution to fit into various CA workflow and local regulatory requirements. On the other hand, ST3 is a highly secure and portable handy device with innovative auto-installer with cross platforms support will surely minimize unnecessary end user support during user enrollment process.

Why SecureMetric and PrimeKey

The combination of good product with strong PKI domain expertise by SecureMetric and PrimeKey together with the commitment of localized support have given us a strong edge against other competitors.


Just in H1 of 2013, Prime Key has successfully team up with SecureMetric on 2 turnkey PKI projects (1 in Asia and 1 in Europe) where both SecureTMS RA and SecureToken ST3 were adopted in the projects. Next, PnmeKey and SecureMetric are aiming to establish solution platforms together which will eventually shorten future project implementation timeline.

At PrimeKey, we only believe long term business collaboration with partners who not only genuine and with good business ethics but also very importantly who can provide solid and proven products/ solutions. SecureMetric surely is one of our best partners so far and we are confident we will make many more successful projects together from now onwards

by Mr. Konstantin Papaxantis
President and CEO of PrimeKey Solutions AB

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