Lazada Group, From EJBCA Community to PKl-ln-A-Box


As the number one online shopping and selling platform in Southeast Asia, Lazada has long recognized the importance of adopting PKI to secure their infrastructure. PKI has been implemented across many mission critical applications across Lazada and Lazada team are already very experienced PKI users.

Lazada started off with EJBCA Community but soon realized the importance of reducing operational complexity and having committed commercial support. They have been exploring various PKI options available in the market.

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Lazada Group




Lazada is the leading online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia offering products ranging from fashion, health & beauty, home & living; to kids, toys & babies, and sports & travel; to mobile phones & tablets, in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.


In 2008, ASTI began its research into setting up the Root CA system by looking at different potential CA solutions.

ASTI encountered many technical challenges especially in term of cross platforms support and flexibility offered by other PKI solutions. Nevertheless, ASTI also wish to move forward and to make their Root CA trusted by all the common browsers.


SecureMetric proposed PKl-ln-A-Box, an ideal appliance based all-in-one PKI solution that can fulfill Lazada’s PKI project requirements out of the box. PKl-ln-A-Box consists of well designed security platform in a industrial grade made in Germany hardware together with EJBCA Enterprise + FIPS Level 3 certified PCle HSM.

With PKl-ln-A-Box, it help to simplify the PKI implementation with shorter time to market while keeping the project costs within Lazada’s budget. SecureMetric delivered the PKl-ln-A-Box Appliances along with comprehensive training and consultancy. SecureMetric is able to deliver speed and quality with reduced support turn-around time by leveraging on technical competency and proximity (HQ in Malaysia and offices in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Manila, Singapore).

Lazada joins the growing number of organizations moving away from the “self-help” model of EJBCA Community to the professionally supported PKl-ln-A-Box ..

About SecureMetric

SecureMetric is one of the Southeast Asia’s leading PKI system builder who has completed dozens of mission critical PKI projects regionally for Government agencies, financial institutions and large enterprises.


A new CA system was set up for the Philippines government and deployed on time and within budget. The Philippines government is now able to customize their own CA system to fit their country and citizens’ needs and can start preparing to move forward to get their Root to be trusted via the most popular and secure CA system in the world.

Having initially started working with SecureMetric in June 2016, we had a very positive engagement, from initial procurement through to project delivery in June 2017. SecureMetric supported us with the implementation of a strategic PK/ solution using both the PKl-ln-A-Box and additional supporting network based HSMs. The partnership with SecureMetric extended to providing guidance and recommendations on the implementation as well as delivering training for the Lozada project team. The training enabled us to reduce cost during implementation as we were supported by SecureMetric's expertise in the PK/ field as well as very detailed and tailored documentation for our deployment.

by Adam Ataar
Head of Security Architecture/ Lazada Group

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