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ePerolehan is the electronic procurement system to enable Malaysian Government agencies nationwide to procure goods and services from their suppliers electronically and transparently. It has transforms the manual procurement practices into an electronic, internet-based practice. All users inclusive the Buyers (in this case all the procurement officer in charge of respective government agencies) and Sellers (in this case all the suppliers with license issued by Ministry of Finance Malaysia) will be issued a qualified digital certificate together with a PKI smart card and smart card reader. The system is implemented with full PKI capability for authentication, signing and authorization.

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Kuala Lumpur


commercedotcom is in the business of public commerce through eProcurement solutions. ePerolehan is an innovative solution that efficiently facilitates business tenders between Malaysian government and businesses which saves time and achieves government savings through e-bidding.


In 2008, the transactions value via ePerolehan already exceeded RM 6 Billions with up to 2,098 Government Offices eP-enable nationwide. The total number of registered suppliers already surpassed 133,654 (data as per 19th Dec, 2007). commerdotcom foreseen there will be continuously high growth of both government users and suppliers in view with their effective educational efforts. Meanwhile, commercedotcom also encounter tremendous increase in technical support calls with their existing smart card and smart card readers. The key technical support needed is due to smart card reader driver and PKI middleware compatibility. Another challenge for commercedotcom is to minimize impact of their system change or modification aOer they switch to another PKI medium.


ePXS, a specially customized USB based PKI token by SecureMetric which has bundled with a specially built middleware and thin client components that eventually can support very smooth migration efforts from their existing smart card and smart card readers.

Why SecureMetric

ePXS is built based on SecureMetric’s award winning SecureToken platform where it has embedded both the smart card and smart card reader into a small USB device. While fulfilling the requirement of supporting qualified digital certificate, it also achieves better user iexperience via easy to install and high portable form factor.


In 2009, there was a 50% increased of transaction value via ePerolehan and reached RM 9.09 Billions and 20% increased of eP-enable Government Procurement Offices to 2,509 offices nationwide. While increased in transactions and number of users, it still able to reduce the number of technical support calls by more than 30%

the knowledge and professionalism of the project team from SecureMetric and PrimeKey has certainly made this project a successful one. I have never seen such dedication from the team and we are glad that the project was implemented successfully in less than 5 months.

by Rene Mendoza
Division Chief, Knowledge Management Division, ASTI

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