SINGAPORE – The RSA Conference took place last July 25-July 27, 2018 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Cybersecurity remains a serious concern for organizations worldwide and as the leading information security event, RSA brought together leading experts in information security to discussed serious issues in cybersecurity. The conference features six tracks which are Policy, Government & Regulations, Global Perspectives, Threats, Analytics & Threat Actors, Security Strategy & Data Security, e-Fraud & Law Enforcement, and Cloud and Mobile & IoT Security. Aside from the interesting and relevant topics discussed, RSA conference also helped to secure organizations by exposing innovative technologies.

In this three-day event joined by delegates from various industries and by some of the cybersecurity industry leaders, they acquired more information about current trends and latest technology in information security that will help their organization to be more secure. Securemetric, a Southeast Asia’s leading regional players in the field of digital security showed their support to RSA conference for more than two years to share their expertise and knowledge regarding cybersecurity.

This year, Securemetric exhibited their security solutions and demonstrated the latest technology used to defend organizations from any potential threats and risks. One of the solution highlighted was Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution, this solution simplifies PKI implementation with complete feature set needed to operate full-blown PKI out of the box. It includes complete Certificate and Hardware Token Lifecycle Management System and can support unlimited number of Certificate Authorities (CA).

In today’s digital world, cyber-attacks and its methods are persistently improving to make it easier for the hackers to attack organizations’ critical information. That’s why Securemetric is continuously exploring and innovating new technology to help organizations to be more secure and resilient. For more information about Public Key Infrastructure solution, please visit