Based on the Verdict’s latest report and SCMAGAZINE’s news, UK-based travel company Teletext Holidays has suffered a data breach in which files were left unprotected on an online server for three years, revealing customer data including names, email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth.

Data breaches involving Personally Identifiable Information (PII) provide cyber-criminals with valuable information that could be used to carry out identity fraud, phishing, targeted email attacks or build more sophisticated and damaging attacks.

The UK-based travel company will likely receive a fine for the data breach.

We do agree that while cloud providers may take responsibility for securing their infrastructure, however, moving to the cloud with secure infrastructure doesn’t mean the organization or individual no responsibility of protecting the data in the cloud space. The cloud infrastructure doesn’t automatically protect the data and files that we store in there. In whatever situation, just in case the files or data are exposed, the best possible protection against these events is the encryption of data and related files. The encryption solution gives you and your organization peace of mind while storing your data and files in the cloud space.

Orizon data encryption solution from PrimX could be ideal for cloud space data confidentiality management. Orizon data encryption solution ensures that all data remains constantly encrypted when transiting and while stored in the Cloud, which guarantees their confidentiality from third parties. This safeguard system reduces the overall risk in the event of a malfunction with a hosting site.

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