Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Leading banking industry leaders, regional regulators and cybersecurity experts brought together last September 5-6, 2018 at the Sasana Kingja, Kuala Lumpur for the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers’ (AICB) Cyber Resilience Conference 2018. With the fast changing environment of cyber threats, AICB aimed to build a more knowledgeable and professional banking workforce. The event conducted different forums that addressed the cyber threats associated with banks, this two day event created an awareness on the importance of building stronger cyber resilience for the banking industry.

In collaboration with PwC Malaysia, AICB launched a thought leadership and survey publication entitled “Building a Resilient Financial Institution – Are you ready for the Imminent Breech”, The publication goal is to provide greater insight and awareness into the state-of-play in the domestic and global cybersecurity, with focus on the move towards cyber resilience and what it means for business as they redesign their strategies to suit and be ready for the coming years.

Attended by over 200 participants from the region, and features over 30 local and international speakers from the private and public sectors, including regional regulators, banks and fintechs. Speakers shared insights on the key issues and challenges of cyber risk, global regulatory developments, best practices and international standards of cyber risk and, global regulatory developments. Securemetric’s VP for regional sales also shared his expertise in cyber security. According to him, ASEAN Financial Institutions and Fintech has a low awareness in mobile application security. He mentioned that by having a mobile application security has a lot of benefits such as businesses have more freedom to innovate with less worry, app developers can invest more time in improving app performance and enhancing features while reducing the worry on code security. There will be one single tool to manage Mobile Application Security.

Securemetric’s Mobile Security Application, SmobileShieldX provides self-defending capabilities to the mobile application to protect against wide range of cyber-attack. SmobileshieldX is compliant with Mobile Protection and Data Privacy (PSD2 and GDPR compliance level).