Securemetric has won the MSC APICTA 2014  Best of Security award for its PKI-In-A-Box appliance. The MSC APICTA Award highlight companies that innovates and is the leader in their field.

The judges were particularly impressed with the way that the PKI-In-A-Box promotes the usage of PKI in the ASEAN region, all this while making the use of PKI user-friendly and acceptable to the lay man on the street.

MSC APICTA sparked innovation and awareness among a very large community of ICT companies, from across the region. The feat is even more impressive as Securemetric’s employees work in business types as diverse as Two Factor Authentication, Digital Forensic Services to Software Copyright Protection, so PKI-In-A-Box provided a united platform to act on IT security issues, as well as the freedom to apply the knowledge innovatively at a local and business level no matter which of the ASEAN countries Securemetric are based.

The premise behind the MSC APICTA 2014 is to recognise innovative behaviour on IT security issues and give organisations the opportunity to share best practice with one another.

Edward Law, Group CEO and founder, commented, “Although there isn’t an obvious commonality between Securemetric’s very distinct and global brands, nothing else has captured the collective innovation of staff in quite the same way as PKI-In-A-Box.  The launch pad for PKI-In-A-Box, has, for the first time, enabled us to capture a truly global snapshot of Securemetric’s innovative footprint.”

As part of Securemetric’s drive to promote PKI in the ASEAN region, thanks to MDeC and engagement with our global partner, PrimeKey from Sweden; Securemetric has extended the regional coverage of building a strong client base in the ASEAN region.

“Winning awards is not what our business is all about, but the recognition of knowing we are having an impact goes a long way to fuel our enthusiasm and determination. A big pat on the back for everyone who got involved.”

Click here to Watch the Video of MSC APICTA 2014 award.