Every year, MDeC measures its MSC companies for their capabilities and then finds way to help them improve. Each MSC companies is measured using the SCORE+ programme which consist of the following 7 categories:
1. Business Performance

  1. Financial Capability
  2. Management Capability
  3. Operational Management
  4. Marketing Capability
  5. Talent Development
  6. Innovation

Securemetric manage to secure a 4.5 out of 5 SCORE+ point from this programme. According to MDeC; there are more than 2800 MSC companies but it is rare for a company to achieve a 4.5 scoring. With Securemetric scoring 4.5, it shows that Securemetic is a capable company in the above 7 categories.

The programme allows MDeC to accurately identify the strength and gaps among MSC Malaysia-status companies and enable MDeC to match developmental initiatives in order to cultivate a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic qualities that are essential to their success.

Securemetric will be working more closely with MDeC to achieve its mission and the country’s overall mission of becoming a fully developed nation by 2020.