Dubbed as the “Oscars of ICT”, the MSC APICTA 2011 Award Ceremony was held in KL Hilton today. The event which was officiated by Malaysia”s Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Maximus Johnity Ongkili, gave recognition to all the winners of this year’s competition. Securemetric was the winner under the “Best of Security” category. To receive the award, Securemetric’s Regional Sales Director, Mr. Lim Chin Wan and Project Specialist, Nur Atikah were present.

The winner selection criteria for this award was very stringent and was evaluated by experts in the same industry. Securemetric was chosen to be the “Best of Security” out of more than 200 nominations. Securemetric’s SecureToken ST3 won this award with a high score in the following section:

  1. Market acceptance and penetration.
  2. Innovation which makes PKI a more acceptable technology
  3. Excellent user experience making the use of PKI technology easy even for the layman
  4. Affordable with ready product localization making it far more superior than its competing product from the US and Europe

During the award ceremony, the Minister praised that SecureToken ST3 has made Malaysia proud. He was impressed that we were able to beat our competitors from the developed countries and penetrate into mature markets such as the USA and Europe. ST3 had not only beaten its competitors but it had also outperformed during an independent test done by Bank Negara Malaysia. With this prestigious recognition from the Malaysian ICT community, Securemetric will be representing Malaysia to the International chapter of the APICTA 2011 competition.

The International chapter of this competition will see Securemetric going against other “Best of Security” winner from countries such as Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and many more. Mr. Lim Chin Wan will be representing Securemetric to this annual event and showcase SecureToken ST3 again to the world community. Let’s all wish him luck and win this event which will be held in Pattaya, Thailand in November.