Businesses like hospitals, governments, banks, academics, and corporations are mostly affected by the cyber attack and fraudulent transaction since these industries have vital data that provide precise, timely and absolute personal information shared by their customers. With the wide digital transformation, there are a lot of ways Cyber Criminals are using in stealing such data. Stealing of information can be through email and online account (e.g social media, online banking and the like).

Having a weak code is one cause of a security breach, passwords are used to restrict an unauthorized person from utilizing their personal account and to protect their data from Cyber Criminals. Through password, the security of personal data is assigned to users of a particular system rather than the administrators, that's why people are always reminded to have a lengthy and intricate password which it will be harder for the attacker to gain access to user's credentials. Most people reuse passwords for their different accounts and this is risky as hackers could access their personal account. But can a single password be enough to secure people from hacking? Strong passwords are essential to protect someone’s online accounts but having two-factor authentication is more secure than relying on a single password. Having a password alone is not enough to be protected since it is easy to guess and to crack.

Two-factor authentication adds an extra step in basic log-in procedure and it can reduce the rate of online fraud. It requires both something you know which is the password and something you have which can be a phone or a token. By using a One Time Password Token it could be the best choice of authentication method to strengthen system security.

Security is extremely important today and companies whether big or small can no longer be safe from any cyber attack. In the world of technology, change is inevitable and it is important to stay ahead of the curve, by using two-factor authentication as a big step to keep away from hackers. Also, people should be aware and educated on the possible ways on how their credentials can be protected and make sure that they use a distinctive and secure password for each of their online accounts.