Security is an issue that everyone would want to have and attain — may it be personal security, national security, network security, and information security, but in the advanced world of the software industry, the most vital of things to secure is the intellectual property. It is necessary for every Software Developers to have a solid grasp of intellectual property rights and apply it to the Software Industry.

Software Developers need to have a broad knowledge about their rights to develop and to protect their product. They have to ensure exclusive ownership, confidentiality of their work to have an advantage in the competitive market.  With the rapid growth of technology, software firms are looking for a simple and cost-effective way of how software can be protected.

Now, you might be wondering what could be the most effective, possible way of protecting software — is it by using encryption code which among others is most commonly used by developers as it allows them to decrypt the code or is it much more secure if the developers have software security through hardware? Protecting software using codes and license can be effective and cheaper, however, it may not provide full security that a software needs. Today, encryption system can be hard for people to crack or decode, but the advances in technology and software development could make it effortless for them to pirate the software.

Industry experts agree that the hardware-based protection provides maximum security as it avoids to abuse the software. This hardware protection is known as a dongle or USB hardware key, a device incorporated with the software. It controls the end-user on how to use the software and the end user’s access to the software is managed by the dongle. Security based upon hardware is more convenient, functional and it is harder to modify.

Whichever security protection you decide to make use of, be sure that it matches your software’s need and you have a good knowledge of how it works and how it will be beneficial for you or your business. And of course, you have to consider the level of security that your software requires.

So, the question is how can we resolve this piracy issue? Software Developers are implementing different means of lessening piracy by changing how software is distributed to make it harder to decrypt the code. With a wide range of security options, developers are also considering the cost in terms of resources and time on deciding on what possible security system they should implement. Software Developers use the profit from selling the softwares in continuing research and development for continuous advancement and innovation of technology. Developing software is a team effort from the developers, sharing their creative ideas to develop useful software’s. At the end of the day, educating staff on this matter is one of the most important ways of helping to ensure software compliance to benefit all developers and organizations affected by this piracy issue.

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