In a recent report, 55 million Filipino voters information were leaked on the internet and those with bank accounts are now susceptible to fraud and another risk similar to identity theft. Names, Addresses, and Birthdates that are considered vital and valuable were exposed to the public which can be used to identity fraud. Identity fraud occurs when fraudsters have enough information about a person’s identity which engages to the misuse of personal data in order to commit a crime, and it has a huge impact on personal finances. Some of the identity theft and fraud are not only done through online, at times having someone’s information is enough to steal identity and assets.

Bank industry is thinking of possible solutions in fighting this hideous crime, one of the top banks in the Philippines is considering Fingerprint Verification in order to protect their clients who were affected by the said data breach.

Fingerprint Verification. Authentication and Verification techniques are now leaning towards the use of fingerprint since it is harder to fake something you are than to fake something you have or something you know. Fingerprint recognition is a common technique that is widely used and becoming a popular form of account access.

Fingerprint Verification can help bank clients against breach of information. Fingerprint verification has higher security in authentication and verification of account holders, it ensures the confidentiality of information in storage or in transit. Also, it will protect institutions for making the transactions as non-repudiation which in turn will be deterrent to identity theft. It is convenient, safe, non-intrusive, and reduced administration costs compared to passwords and other way of verification such as ID Cards.

As a South East Asia’s market leader in the digital security industry and serving clients across the world, Securemetric Technology offers Secugen Biometrics Solutions’ Hamster Pro 20 fingerprint scanner. Hamster Pro 20 is an ultra-compact and rugged design USB Based fingerprint scanner industrial grade device which can easily be deployed on the branches.

Benefits and Features:

  1. Create confidence and high trust to your client that you are using a high quality and certified fingerprint scanner.
  2. Fast and Easy deployment to different branches
  3. Rugged, Heavy Duty and Maintenance Free
  4. Makes customers at ease that their sensitive information are highly secured
  • FBI and STQC Certified, FIPS 201 Approved List and FAP 20 Compliant
  • Ultra-compact, lightweight and portable
  • IP65 rated for dust and water-resistance
  • Sensor resistant to scratches, impact, vibration and electrostatic shock
  • Encryption of fingerprint templates (with SecuGen Proprietary templates)
  • Latent print image removal (does not accept prints left behind)
  1. Auto-On™ (Automatic Finger Placement Detection)
    Scan your finger as soon as you touch the sensor – all without having to prompt the system.
  2. Smart Capture™ (Automatic Image Adjustment to Accommodate Moist & Dry Fingers)
    Ensures quality fingerprint scanning of difficult fingers
  3. Low Cost

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