Earlier this year Securemetric Technology introduced iReader, one of the few finest built and best designed mobile smart card reader available in the market with competitive pricing. With the rising number of mobile phones  penetration in every part of the world, Securemetric decided to take the opportunity to offer a mobile device capable of ID authentication, e-commerce and e-payment.

iReader is an EMV Level-1 certified and DUKPT enabled mobile smart card reader, support popular mobile platform (iOS and Android), and desktop and laptop (Mac OSX, Windows and Linux) platform. iReader SDK is readily available and specially created to ensure a simple integration with apps and with EMV certification, iReader is already made to  work with mobile payments solution to ensure secure transactions. Currently Securemetric is working closely with a few mobile payment solution provider and the services, to  be launched by the third or fourth quarter of 2013.

Traditionally only big chain groups  and shops have conventional credit card terminals to accept credit card or debit card payments  while small traders, online shops, hawkers and some restaurants only accept cash because of credit card terminals rentals and MBR rate for every credit card transactions. But now with iReader, credit card and debit card payments acceptance will be widely available for these small traders, online shops and hawkers,because iReader cost just a fraction of traditional credit card terminal with low MBR rate, in addition iReader could generate more revenue for big group chains and shops, for example every delivery person  equipped with iReader to accept credit card payment anywhere and customer will no longer need to worry about cash sufficiency before placing orders.

Other than mobile payment, iReader is capable to perform much more as long as it is an ISO certified (ISO 7816 Class A/B/C, 1/2/3 and T=1, T=0 Protocol) smart chip card, Securemetric has developed a  simple app  called MyIDReader which is available to download for free in Apple app store where it can read and display Malaysia national ID card (new and old MyKAD and MyKID card) via iReader. MyIDReader app can be downloaded via this link:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/myidreader/id634863278, this app is to provide a real life example and idea to other industry on utilizing iReader.