There are increasing electronic crimes or frauds online with increased e-Commerce population, very common sectors  being targeted by hackers are banks which involve direct monetary return if they got it through.

Common Frauds or Crime reported are,

Identity Thief

This is where the hacker is trying to steal the credential from the user and pretend to be the “user” while gaining access into the system. Some of the common ways are:

  • -Spoofing user by brute force attack
  • -Spoofing user by password guessing
  • -Spoofing user by password sniffing
  • -Spoofing user by faked email from bank with faked link to login
  • -Spoofing user with faked IP or web addresses
  • -Spoofing user with spyware or remote control software

Database or Server Attack

This requires high stream of skills where professional hackers will try to hack into bank server or credit card service provider and retrieve the user database. There are many illegal ways the hacker can turn those data into fortune.