Nowadays, it is very common when someone purchase a software application, the package come together with a small device that the user is require to attach it onto the relevant port of the computer, in order to execute the application. That small device is popularly called Software License Dongle or Software License Lock.

Software License Dongles or Locks are usually provided by third party suppliers who specialized on software copy protection solution. Software License Dongles or Locks are categorized under hardware based software copy protection. The Software License Dongles or Locks suppliers usually offer their devices together with protection methods or tools in a package in order for software developers to integrate it into their software application. After the integration, the protected application will be distributed together with the Software License Dongles or Locks.

Software License Dongles or Locks startedto become popular since late 90’s as personal computer system become more and more common. After more than 20 years of technology evolution, you will find today Software License Dongles or Locks are built with far more advanced anti-cracking technology, some are even built based on complete smart card platforms. The devices itself are in various port options, the common ones are such as PCMCIA, Serial, Parallel, and USB models.