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The Overview

SecureDongle is the market's most wanted Software License and Copyright Protection dongle that offer Maximum Security but Minimum Learning and Investment.

SecureDongle was built based on advanced microprocessor smart chip which has been certified by EAL4+ and ITSEC. The smart chip based hardware architecture ensures complete security against risk of Dongle hardware being cloned or duplicated. In addition to hardware advantage, SecureDongle was also built with a very user friendly interfaces on its bundled firmware and utilities. Unlike many other competing products where their shortcomings are summarized as below:

Non-Smart Chip based

Usually based on common low cost EEPROM where the main protection algorithms rely more on the firmware that is bundle together rather than on the hardware. This type of hardware architecture can easily be duplicated by many Dongle Duplication Experts.

Smart Chip based

There are few smart chip based dongles available on the market and most of them is very complicated to integrate; a fresh dongle user might need to spend weeks to months in order to be able to come up with a good protection.

Try SecureDongle SDK or continue reading to find out more about SecureDongle features.

Maximum Security: SecureDongle offers a combination of advanced smart card level hardware security together with advanced software protection firmware with is also integrated with advanced anti-cracking algorithms and mechanisms.

Minimum Learning: SecureDongle SDK offers comprehensive but user friendly tools, utilities, tutorials and API samples where even a fresh developer can master it within days.

Minimum Investment: SecureDongle offer the most cost effective option in the industry, so why pay more!

SecureDongle comes with Better Security but a Competitive Pricing. Why?

Feature Highlights:

  • HID Driverless
    As HID driverless, SecureDongle requires no external device driver installation thus minimize common technical issue arise from device driver. No driver needed and as long as a USB thumb drive can work on the computer, so do SecureDongle!
  • Smart Chip based
    Advanced EAL4+ and ITSEC certified microprocessor smart chip that enable algorithms execution on chip with built-in support for RSA, DES, 3DES security algorithms. Microprocessor smart chip prevent hardware cloning and duplication attack.
  • Built-in RSA, DES and 3DES Encryption Algorithms
    Smart chip is preloaded with RSA/DES/3DES security algorithms which ready to provide powerful encryption/decryption perform on hardware. Developers can make use of those ready security algorithms to perform advanced challenge-response authentication in their SecureDongle software protection.
  • Security Password
    Valid 2-level 64-bit password is required in order to gain access into SecureDongle. Developers can set and change their own security password which ensures higher privacy. Moreover, SecureDongle have built-in advanced password protection system that can prevent Brute-Force attack.
  • Globally Unique Hardware ID
    32-bit pre-burnt and unchangeable globally unique hardware ID provides unique reference on each individual SecureDongle. Even us - the manufacturer do not have the privilege to change it.
  • Module Zone
    Up to 64 secure protected Module Zones which facilitate unreadable memory and can also be used as the validity flags to protect up to 64 software modules, provides easy licensing management.
  • Self Definable Security Algorithms
    Up to 128 self definable security algorithms that will be executed on-board when called by protected software which will then be authenticated using the popular Challenge Response Authentication to maximize the security level of the protection.
  • Data Zone
    Up to 1,000 bytes data zone which developer can use it as an external memory for some selected variables or constants accessed by the protected software as an additional security measure.
  • Onboard Seed Code and Random Number Generation
    Supports on-board proprietary Seed Code and true Random Number generation which developer can apply it into their protection to strengthen the security and to make the protection more complicated to crack.
  • Software Enveloper
    Provide Envelop encryption program to encrypt executables with easy-to-use protection facility.
  • Soft Timer
    Built-in with innovative soft timer that requires no battery but still support protection using expiry time or date.
  • Remote Update
    Supports secure remote update for developer to amend the SecureDongle settings which enables secure software license update and upgrade.
  • Secure Communication
    Built-in with advanced encryption/decryption on communication together with time gate between firmware and hardware to prevent debugging and emulator attacks.
  • Multi Levels Access Right Management
    Supports multi level access right management to facilitate different access rights for the development team.

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