||The Importance of Software Protection in the Industry and Economy

According to software alliance, “more than four out of ten software programs installed on personal computers around the world were stolen, with a commercial value of more than $51 billion.” In this case, not only the revenue of the company is affected by this illegal activity but the economy as well.

Most software firm in different countries have problem on illegally distributed software. Some of the businesses buy licenses for a limited number of computers and install it to more than the number of computers allocated for them. Piracy has a big impact to software industry, making it less profitable, that’s why software industry are taking serious actions in protecting their revenues and if piracy will lessen, the economic benefit will increase. It also devalue the work of Software Developers which can lead to loss of jobs. Study shows that lowering software piracy by just 10 percent would create bigger amount of employment rate.


So, the question is how can we resolve this piracy issue? Software Developers are implementing different means of lessening piracy by changing on how software is distributed to make it harder to decrypt the code. With a wide range of security options , developers also considering the cost will be in terms of resources and time on deciding on what possible security system should they implement. Software Developers use the profit from selling the software’s in continuing research and development for continuous advancement and innovation of technology. Developing software is a team effort from the developers, sharing their creative ideas to develop useful software’s. At the end of the day, educating staff on this matter is one of the most important ways in helping to ensure software compliance to benefit all developers and organizations affected by this piracy issue.

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