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INDONESIA: ASEANFIC organized its 9th edition in Jakarta Indonesia again on Wednesday, Date, Year. ASEANFIC came back to Jakarta with co-host PT Dymar Jaya choosing the prestige Mulia Hotel as our venue of the event.

ASEANFIC Jakarta successfully accommodated 120 guest and delegates from Banks Insurance companies, and other financial institution. The event started with a warm welcome speech from the Chairman of ASEANFIC, Mr. Lim Chin Wan, followed by an opening remark from Ms. Yuliani Kusnadi, Managing Director of Dymar Jaya.

In conjunction with ASEANFIC Jakarta, SecureMetric launched PKI in a Box together along with Mr. Edward Law CEO of SecureMetric and Mr. Bjorn Jansen, signing a memorandum of understanding for the launched of this product in Indonesia.

Mr. Ami Azrul Abdullah, General Manager of Scan Associates Berhad Malaysia presented the first keynote about the Needs of PKI for Banks Transactions. The presentation is informative and captured the eyes of all delegates on the needs of PKI. Mr. Lim Chin Wan and Mr. Bjorn Jansen also presented on the topic regarding PKI on showing how banks and other financial institutions can benefits on using PKI.

ASEANFIC Jakarta is rather different this year with a panel discussion with the 3 PKI expert on the stage, Mr. Bjorn Jansen, Sales Manager from Primekey, Mr. Ami Azrul Abdullah, General Manager of Scan Associates Berhad Malaysia, and Mr. Edward Law, CEO of SecureMetric. Mr. Lim Chin Wan moderated the panel discussion and receive lots of feedback and questions from the floor. It is interactive and good discussion.

Mr. Ravindra Mohan from Aetins, Mr. Kenny Lee from Epic Malaysia, Dr. Solahuddin from Cyber Security Malaysia, Mr. Satish S. S., from Tess International, and Pak Hazairin from PT Praisindo Technologi presented their interesting topics to the floor. Together with keynote speaker Chief Inspector Major Jay D Guillermo, Chief, Intelligence and Investigation, Anti Cybercrime Operations and Training Division Philippines has done a great job on capturing the attention of the guest on their interesting presentation.

ASEANFIC Jakarta 2014 ended with a cocktail with lucky draw. Everyone was in joy especially the ones who got the Ipads and Iphones as their lucky draw. Most of them stayed mingling and talking with the partners on possible or potential projects. Again ASEANFIC Jakarta achieves another successful event this year.

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